We understand that families rely on us and we continue to work hard to get our infant formulas on shelves as quickly as possible. Please visit the Similac® Information Centre for product availability updates.

Breast milk is best for your baby.

Health Canada, the Canadian Paediatric Society, and the Dietitians of Canada recommend that you exclusively breastfeed your baby for the first 6 months and that you continue to breastfeed for up to 2 years or longer along with complementary foods.

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Top 10 toddler nutrition tips

Toddler nutrition tips and healthy eating habits for kids by Similac<sup>®</sup>

10 tips that will help your toddler at meal time.

We’ve gathered the most useful expert tips on toddler nutrition and summarized them into our top 10. Learn more about why sticking to a routine is important and how food variety and getting creative will help make your life easier.

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Meal ideas and healthy snacks for toddlers

Healthy snacks and fun meal ideas for toddlers and kids by Similac<sup>®</sup>

Tried and true meal and snack ideas your toddler won't throw on the floor!

Frustrated because you spend a lot of time preparing healthy and delicious food for your little one who refuses to eat? Or it ends up on the floor and not in her mouth? She liked it yesterday, but not today? We hear you, and understand that your toddler’s food strikes and changing attitude towards foods can be frustrating.

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Child development stages

Child development stages and stimulating activities by Similac<sup>®</sup>

Find out what milestones to expect to create a stimulating environment for your child.

Every child is unique, and children don’t all reach key development milestones at the same time. Development is measured in three key areas: motor development, social development and communication (language). Knowing what development stages to expect can help you as a parent to create a stimulating environment for your child.

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